UBUD | The good, the weird & the unexpected (pt. II)

Friday, only a few hours before the begining of Startup Weekend, Catherine and I are having lunch. At our
table is also sitting Shambala, who was at our presentation.

She asks us if we’re pitching the idea, and we tell her we think so.
We ask her if she’s pitching and she says she’s not sure.
She has an idea but does notknow wether she wants to pitch it or not.
We ask her what it is.
She explains : a service where if you’re living abroad, you can get someone who’se flying in to where you are to deliver you something.

Catherine and I are thrilled by the idea.

We start discussing it, how it actually could work and is fairly simple to implement (compared to ours) and
that we’d love to work on it with her over the weekend if she wanted us on board.

She did.

54 hectic hours go by, where our team, now composed of five people, work tirelessly on the idea. Many
disagreements arise, many opinions clash but, compromises are made and we actually pull it together and win third place
with what is now called BRINGERS.co. Victory!

And now, Catherine and I have made it our full time job.

It’s a fascinating idea :it’s doable, it’s scalable but most importantly,
it truly has the potential to revolutionize some tiny aspect of people’s lives.

Not only do you get people that one thing that was previously impossible to obtain, but you also create a unique experience for them.
A more personal and exciting experience.

At the very least, better than spending hours on the phone because your package has been seized in Jakarta.

The last 10 days have been intense.

From fully conceptualizing the idea, to figuring out who would
keep on working on it, and most importantly, how we can make it happen, it’s been a ride.

Catherine and I have been working pretty much all day everyday since Startup Weekend, sometimes discussing what we think we can build out of
of BRINGERS.co until 2AM.

The endeavour is challenging, but not impossible.

Right on that line where you know it’s possible to make it happen, but you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got.
And this is what’s driving me right now.

It’s tremendously exciting to have such a project to work on, users telling us they’re eager to sign up
and people helping us along the way (Shout out to all the Hubud and SUW people! Thanks guys!).

It’s not about what to do anymore, but how to do it. How to do it well enough so it’s a
great product, quick enough so we can start to gain some market share and economically enough so we don’t
go broke in the process.

Did I mention it was exciting ?

It’s a strange thing, the way opportunities always seem to arise when you reach your furthest “what the hell
am I doing?” moments.

How the moment you’re about not to give your presentation but for some reason decide to go for it, the outcome
surpasses any expectation you had. How you go from spending hours coding away in front of your computer
to put up some Twitter-like app no one will use, to thinking about how you’ll build something according
to the feedback your users are giving you. How you go from thinking about giving up and being home in time
for Christmas, to having a project for which you’d be willing to relocate anywhere in the world for a few years.

It’s hard to describe what this is. Luck? Coincidence? Good Karma? But it feels as if, so far, it’s half about
trusting the process (Catherine’s expression) and half about putting yourself in a position to be engaged
in that process.

To stay comfortable in the uncomfortable long enough that something interesting happens.




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