Villas | Focus

October 23, 5:30-ish pm

We’ve spent (most of) the day looking for a place to stay.

Most of them were bad. Not much more than hotel rooms. One was okay. but it’s 30 minutes out of town, in construction and doesn’t have WiFi.

So, we’ve settled for something decent : a small hotel room with a kitchen, balcony, good WiFi and a pool. The complex has an old temple vibe to it. Common areas occupied by trees, buildings made out of old stone, and the front door feels like a sacred gate.

I like it.

Catherine isn’t convinced. Yes, it’s better than the others we’ve seen, but it doesn’t get much light, the room isn’t great and it does feel like a hotel.

Even though we’ve scheduled to meet with the owner and take the room the next morning, we agree get back on our scooters and keep looking.

A few hundred meters later, we see four lavish two-story villas on the opposite side of the road, facing rice fields, palm trees and the sunset.

“Could you imagine living there?!”

Clearly, we can’t afford it.

Further down the road, we ask someone if there are any villas around.

He points towards those.

“Are there any smaller ones nearby?”


Well, might as well give them a look.

“How much is it to stay here?”

“12 000 000 rupees, one month”

Ouch. Twice our budget.

I offer him half that, almost jokingly.

He counter-offers at just 100$ past our budget.

“Mmh, maybe. Can you show us the house?”

And there we were, visiting this two story villa, with a fish pond, couches, a microwave, a private pool (a small one, but still!),  a shower with a view on the rice fields and a flat screen TV.

“So, is this really your best price?”


“And if we take it now, for maybe more than one month, could you do better?”

A few more back and forths about the price, negotiated a deal because it was already booked out for a weekend and… we got it!

The two story villa, with views on the rice fields for sunset, L-shaped couches, a flat screen you can watch from your bed, a fish pond in the entrance and a private swimming pools with lights for the evening !  It’s ours !

It is at the high end of our budget and we do have to vacate for a weekend, but, for the time being, it is fucking ours!


It’s been about a month since I left Montreal. Most of that month I spent packing, unpacking, figuring out where to eat, where to sleep and moving from one place to the next.

Now, even though Ubud is a bit more touristy than I expected, even though I’ll probably move again next month and even though we actually have to leave the house and come back over a weekend, it feels great to settle into a routine for a while.

The past few weeks sure were helpful in getting accustomed to travelling again, learning about what we are getting into and gaining some distance from my Montreal day-to-day. But, now that we’re set somewhere (even though it’s only been a few days!), I feel like I’ve gotten so much work done.

The main reason for this trip is to get myself in an environment where I can focus on projects I want to take on and not be bothered by distractions from “back home”, and it feels great to know it’s starting to work.




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