TAIWAN – transit.

Back in Asia.

Halfway through a 5 hour layover in Taiwan, after a 16h flight from NYC.

7 more hours and I’ll land in Bali.

After a few change of hearts, Catherine and I went back to our original plan and figured Hubud, an indonesian co-working space for “digital nomads”, would be the best place to set up our project.

I’m looking forward to settling someplace and having somewhat of a routine again. Been trying to learn some programming and it’s been hard not being able to put more than a few hours here and there during the past weeks.

This whole adventure still feels somewhat surreal (especially after a 2AM flight resulting in a 12h time difference).

It’s easy to doubt yourself. Have I made the right choice? Should I really be doing this?

On my last trip I came up with the “1 million dollar test” : When in doubt about something, I’d ask myself “If I had one million dollars in the bank, what would I be doing different right now?”

Even though it’s simplistic and isn’t the best rule of thumb to plan your future, I still found it comforting when, while flying somewhere over the pacific ocean last night, I answered to myself :


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